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My personal philosophy on workshops and seminars

by Dan Wachs.

Seminars and Workshops seem to have sprouted into a boutique industry in the past few years, especially in the voice over and acting space.  There are some excellent workshops.  I'll single out Lori Wyman's workshops and my teaching partner, Lauren O'Quinn's, acting seminars as two examples.  But there are also some duds, especially in voice over, sorry to say.  In fact, my personal attendance at various VO seminars and Webinars over the years inspired me to launch Real World Voice Over Seminars.  I was determined to do it differently by offering a real world approach on how to become a voice actor.  Do it in a way that created much more value that anything I've witnessed.  In fact, I wanted to blow the current model right out of the water!  Here are some reasons Real World Voice Over is unique.

A room full of people you want to spend time with

This isn't a business that relies on ticket sales, quotas, or things like that.  We only run a max of four a year in Orlando and we strive to recruit experienced actors, singers, entertainers, public speakers and the like.  That means you'll be sitting in a room full of talent.  Our selectivity creates a terrific environment for learning, and an extraordinary buzz in the room.  Not to mention the networking opportunity.

The seminar starts before the seminar starts

When you register for a Real World Voice Over Seminar, you will receive an email that contains over 100 voice over scripts and an actual assignment.  The assignment is that you read one or two scripts - smart phone recording is fine - send it to me, and in turn I give you a mini-evaluation.  You receive valuable feedback even before the seminar and you and I also get to know your performance baseline. 

Lack of size matters

20 students max at every Real World Seminar.  This give us the time to know our students, their capabilities, desires, and more.  It also allows us time to work with every individual during the seminar.  Big enough to be exciting with an amazing group of actors and entertainers, and small enough to be intimate.

Two hosts for the price of one

I'd have a hard time listening to one person for seven hours.  In our seminar, you will be trained, entertained, and pushed by two separate seminar hosts, each with impeccable experience in voice over and acting, the two elements that you need to be a voice actor.  I have to tell you what an incredible resource Lauren O'Quinn is.  Her bio doesn't tell the whole story.  Lauren, owner of Class Act Studios, is one of the best, most knowledgeable, dynamic teachers I have ever met.  What a privilege it is having Lauren as my co-host!  We hit the jackpot, as you'll see when you join us.  And I must humbly admit to having something to offer, too.  Just tool around this Website to get an idea. 


The seminar doesn't end when the seminar ends

Seminars happen on a Saturday, usually four times a year in Orlando, and we're now adding Miami as a test market.  We share seven hours of intense information which gives our talent everything they need to start in voice over.  And then it's over, right?  Wrong.  The education and experience continues in a couple of ways.  We have our own secret room on Facebook called "Real World Voice Over."  A perfect place to share ideas, issues, techniques, auditions, and more.  It's open only to our seminar students or private coaching students of Lauren and myself.  And that's not all.  Once you're in the club, you're in the club.  My students call me all the time to discuss VO issues and I love hearing from them!  Especially when they've landed a paid gig, which is happening more and more - now that we've been at this for a while.

The seminar is aimed where it needs to be aimed

I've seen too many Webinars and events that feature voice over superstars telling you how they made it big.  Yep, it can be inspiring and valuable but many times they're providing info that's just not relevant to your specific needs.  For example, I've heard too many stories about famous VO talents and their agents - and how to get an agent.  This is PHOOEY!  The last thing you need if you're starting out is to even think about an agent.  A year or more into it, then it's a discussion, but not now.  These VO superstars have exotic home studios with tens of thousand of dollars of VO gear.  Great!  You're going to invest about $300 for your first studio and it will do the job.  You have to understand five years ago I was where you are right now - just starting!  I aim every piece of information I share towards one goal - to get you started in the business as I did.  

Eye Candy and Ear Candy

We employ a substantial amount of highly-useful audio-visual and live-display materials that are incorporated into the Real World experience.  One thing's for absolute sure. There isn't a dull moment.  Lot's to absorb (which is why some of those after-seminar phone calls mentioned above happen).

Constant Evolution

Every single seminar features new elements.  I am never satisfied and will never become jaded in the approach or I will quit first.  I enjoy this too much to let it sit still.  It's all about learning and fun!

The Mentorship Experience

When I went into radio station ownership in 1985, I had a partner and also a mentor.  Without Randy Odeneal, our 17-month journey towards purchasing and operating our first radio stations could have taken three times as long ... or more realistically, it probably never would have happened.  Then, years later I got into the voice over business and once again was blessed with a mentor, Don Capone, the ninja voice artist out of Tampa, FL.  My personal goal is to take what's been given to me and pass it along.  This is as much about mentoring as it is about hosting seminars.  And this is my personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I love it!

Join us!

You like this philosophy?  Join us!  We'd love to have you on board!  This becomes a family.  A diverse group of people united by their shared creativity and growing together.


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This voice over training seminar is intended to be a road map to getting into voice over.  Future voice over talent, there is no better place to start.  I started voice over just a few short years ago, and within two years I recorded over 100 voice over projects in a single calendar year.  I will pass along everything that time will allow.  If you have the basics to be a voice over artist, then this voice over training seminar is for you.  In addition to voice over talent training, I will soon be offering voiceover consultations on an hourly basis on the phone, by Skype, and in person.  And if you need a voice over demo, I will be starting to produce voice over demos on a limited basis.  You've now taken the first step into the world of voice over.  The results you get as a voice talent will depend, like anything else, on your own hard work and dedication.  With that, and your natural talent, the real world of voice over is definitely within your reach!



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