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We are your voice over talent for political voiceovers as well as issue-oriented voice over projects.  We record Republican political voice over projects as well as Democrat political voice over projects and also independent voiceovers.  Do you have a political election campaign and you're looking for a political voice over talent to help win that election?  Contact us now!.

There are basically two major categories of political advertising, campaigns for elected office for candidates and issue or cause campaigns. 

The campaigns for elected office can be further split up into sub-categories of their own:  Up close and personal accomplishment voice over, which creates a positive image for the candidate.  Inspirational warm and personal biographical voice over, which accomplishes the same thing as above.  Positive comparisons to the opposing candidate voice over, to separate your candidate from the opposition.  Aggressive, negative political voice over, to cast the opposition in a negative light and take votes away.  The same can be said for the sub-categories of issue or cause campaigns.  Positive, uplifting cause campaign voice over, which not only creates public awareness of the cause, but also inspires people to act.  Attack advertising voice over, designed to sway public opinion away from the opposition and defeat an issue on the ballot.

Contact Dan Wachs for political advertising voice over references.  Examples of Dan's political voice over work is above.  Political advertising for television, radio, and the Internet.

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