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Voice over for businesses and corporations can have many goals.  An imaging campaign is designed to promote a corporate image to the public.  Meant to position the corporation in a positive way in the viewer's mind.  Usually television commercials.  Other voice over projects can include instruction videos, eLearning projects, and advertising voice over to promote the client's products and services.

Do you have a corporate image voice over or on-line corporate voice over to record?  Let us use our corporate voice over talent for your campaign.

Types of corporate or business voice over projects:

Corporate image voice over

Internet voice over

Voice over for email campaigns

eLearning voice over

Instructional voice over

Live corporate event voice over

Internal video voice over


Voice over talent quality that applies to business and corporate voiceovers:

Powerful voice over talent

Conversational voice over talent

Motivational voice over talent

Compelling voice over talent

Believable voice over talent

Executive voice over talent

The importance of presenting the client name "on a silver platter" can't be overstated.  Portraying the corporate image or message is the responsibility of the voice over talent.

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