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Inspire your employees at your amazing corporate event, the showcase for your company's success.  Whether it's the Voice of God (VOG) or the coach with the motivation, our voice over, both live and pre-recorded, will help put your event over the top.  We provide the voice over that puts your event over the top!

Voice of God

Master of Ceremonies

Backstage Voice

Corporate Staff Voice Over Intros

Achievement Awards Voiceovers

You're live corporate conference is a perfect opportunity to market to your employees.  To jazz them up and get them excited about the place they work.  Everything you do will make an impression.  And that includes having a professional voice over talent be  the live corporate event voice over artist for your company or organization.  Whether you want a warm and inviting voice over or the epic "voice of God," a perfect voice over can give your event the polish it needs and deserves.

I've had the pleasure of recording voice over performances for live events held by great institutions like Allstate, NCR, Notre Dame University and Anheuser Bush. 

If you are planning a live business event such as an annual sales conference and you're looking for a voice over talent to be the voice of your company, please contact me.  I'd be thrilled represent you as your corporate emcee voice over talent, host voice artist, or live corporate spokesperson.

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