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Private Voice Over Coaching with Dan Wachs


Private voice over coaching is customized to meet your specific needs.  The agenda is driven by your skill set and needs and often involves an intense workout in script selection, analysis, and recording.  We can also focus on the business of voice over or any subject of your choosing.  Coaching sessions are offered either by Skype or in-person at my home recording studio.


FREE EVALUATION.  We love to talk about voice over!  And we'd be happy to hear you and give you a mini-evaluation of where you stand today.  Just send in a sample of your work.  Doesn't need to be a professional production.  Just transcribe a commercial you like and read it on your smart phone - then send us a copy.  Contact us here.

EXAMPLES OF OUR VOICE OVER DEMOS:  Your voice over demo is your voice over resume because it shows your prospective VO customer exactly what you can do.  That customer doesn't care whether or not you really recorded for, let's say, Toyota.  What they care about is how you sound in your demo.  It will be a simple, gut response like, "I like her" or sadly, "Next!"  A good demo will get you to the short list or possibly get you booked for a paid voiceover gig immediately.  I once had a client call me to say that he listened to 200 voice over demos and the final choice was between myself and one other person.  I got that gig, but it never would have happened if I didn't have a great demo.  Click here for examples of VO demos we produced.

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