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Although I am a professional voice actor who records literally hundreds of projects a year, there are times when it seems appropriate to give back to the community.  To make a "donation."  I have, from time to time, contributed my voice over work to certain public cause such as charities and student projects.  Other times I have provided my voice over talent services at reduced rates.  Are you looking for a pro-bono voice over, please contact me and let's discuss.  This would apply to public service announcement voice over, local charity voice over, student project voice over, and more.  Here are some examples.

Animal rights voice over

Children's care voice over

Religious voice over

Homeless charities voice over

Veterans voice over

. . . and more.  Of course, pure charity work is limited due to time and workload, but once again do contact me to discuss either pro-bono or reduced rates for charities.

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