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Some folks in this business call themselves a voice over talent or a voice over artist.  I call myself a voice actor.

jWhy?  Because if you follow the same foundations of film acting and apply them to voice over, you will be able to interpret and deliver a voice over script in a way that moves the audience.  And it doesn't matter if you're performing an emotional and inspiring anthem voice over or selling cars, if the person you hires is a voice actor, you will already be ahead of the game.

Let's review these foundations.  Here are the rules.

BE THE CHARACTER:  If you are reading a script about a sale, then you need to become a character.  For example, you're the best friend.  Or you're a teacher.  You must pick a character.

WHO ARE YOU SPEAKING TO:  Now instead of speaking to a mic,  or to a "target demographic" (no humanity there, right?), choose an individual to speak to.  Maybe it's your best friend, or a boss, or a sibling.

WHAT DO YOU WANT: This is where it gets really interesting, even intense!  A voice actor who was reading a Dove Bar script looked over the beautifully-written words that describe the rich, smooth, dark chocolate and the velvety-smooth vanilla ice cream, etc. etc.  But he decided that's not what he's really selling.  He's telling his "scene partner" that when she eats this Dove Bar, "It's the best moment of your day."  That is called sub-text.  What does he want?  He wants to give her relief.  Or even more basically, he wants to save her day - and therefore save her life.

Sound a little over the top?  Maybe, even yes.  But simplifying and intensifying your need or want will result in more powerful voice over read, one that connects with people.

And that's all we're doing in voice over anyway - making connections.

Are you looking to hire a voice actor?  Let me help connect you to your target audience.  Thank you!

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