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Sometimes it seems that 90% of business narration copy we get talks about moving towards "the cloud" for storing files and doing work.  The digital world also dominates in the world of professional voice over talent.  It is what allows the voice artist to work from an exclusive, private voice over studio in his or her home.  It allows a voice talent in Florida to directly work with voice over clients and production studio everywhere on the planet.  When we send a voce over production to you by email or a large file transfer service, we are using the clout.

But there's another entire meaning to the term "Digital Audio Production."  It refers to the fact that the voice over talent uses a digital audio workstation (DAW) to record and produce all kinds of voice over projects such as radio commercials, TV spots, corporate narrations - you get the picture.  This is both faster and more precise than the old system of manual analogue tape editing with the classic splicing block and quarter-inch "transparent" audio tape.

If you have a voice over project that requires straight voice or a fully-produced digital audio production including music beds and sound effects, contact us today!


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