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Corporate is perhaps the largest of all voice over categories, and it encompasses all kinds of voice over projects as well as the media that carry these projects. 

The Company Website

So many corporate Websites now feature a video production featuring professional voice over talent.  The videos can serve a number of purposes. Could be a new product launch, biography of a key executive, explanation of the products and services offered by that company, company history, eLearning, explainer video, or a corporate image campaign that extols the virtues of the company in an inspiring manner.  Many of these voice over assignments are referred to as "anthem voice over," a category so large it stand on its own these days. 

Live Corporate Events

A dazzling, professionally recorded and produced video featuring a voice over talent is often seen at corporate events like sales conferences.  

Listen to our corporate voice over demo tape above.  We're here to serve your company's voice over needs!

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