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Real World

Voice Over Seminar

April 13, 10am - 4pm

Live at Class Act Studios

with Lauren O'Quinn and Dan Wachs




Voice Overs by Dan Professional Voice Over Seminar


The world of voiceover is changing as we speak.  AI is now part of the landscape and will become a growing influence.  The sources of auditions are changing the way they do business, and what was true six months ago is no longer true today.  If you want to be in voiceover, you need more info and insight than ever to get started.  We have just that.  Interested?  The Real World Voice Over Seminar is for actors, entertainers, public speakers, and other creative people who possess performance and interpretative skills. This is a specific, step by step guide to becoming a working voice actor.  By the end of the seminar, you'll know everything you need to get into the voice over business.  We have tremendous knowledge, insight, experience and resources to share with you.  Basic computer skills are required.  This seminar is for 16 yrs and older.

The six steps to becoming a working voice actor

How the barriers to getting into VO have been removed

And other barriers you must surmount

AI, and how it's changing the voiceover landscape

How to build your home studio made simple and cheap

How to record and edit auditions and projects

How to get tons of voice over auditions

Pre-audition and VO performance checklist

A private evaluation of your work

How to price your voiceovers

How to make a great demo

The amazing truth about prime-time voice actors

The real deal with Central FL VO talent agents

The business of voice over

And a heck of a lot more

FREE EVALUATION.  We love to talk about voice over!  And we'd be happy to hear you and give you a mini-evaluation of where you stand today.  Just send in a sample of your work.  Doesn't need to be a professional production.  Just transcribe a commercial you like and read it on your smart phone - then send us a copy.  Contact us here.