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Although many of today's voice over castings call for "non-announcery" voiceovers (as if that word actually existed!), there are still many clients who what a more traditional, announcer voice over approach to promote their products and services.  Instead of the "guy next door" voice over, these clients are seeking a more polished voice over approach.  A terrific, deep and resonant male voice in many cases.  If you or your client are looking for a professional voice over announcer, we can do the job for you.

Announcer style voiceovers are used for many different kinds of project, including:

Radio commercials

Television commercials

Internet voiceovers

Corporate image voice over campaigns

Television promo voice work

Sports voice over

Political voice over


eLearning voice projects

Explainer videos

IVR phone systems on hold voice over

Live corporate event voice over

Live event voice over

. . . and much more!

And here are examples of the kinds of voice over talent styles we can portray.

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