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Looking for a voice over talent audition?  We provide voice over services for many categories of voiceovers and are happy to audition for you.  Here are examples of the types of projects we record:

Radio commercial voice over

TV commercial voice over (television commercial voice over)

Internet voice over

Corporate image voice over

Television promo voice over

Sports voice over

Political voice over

Documentary voice over

eLearning voice over

Explainer video voice over

IVR phone systems on hold voice over

Live corporate event voice over

Movie trailer voice over

Live event voice over

. . . and much more!

And here are examples of the kinds of voice over talent styles we can portray.

Animated, Attractive, Announcer, Attitude, Authoritative, Amusing, Antagonistic, British, Bilingual, Burly, Believable, Biting, Booming, Bully, Caring , Characters, Calming, Confident, Cartoon, Creepy, Child, Chinese, Classy, Coach, Cocky, Concerned, Confessional, Conversational, Corporate, Country, Cowboy, Crazy, Deadpan, Dangerous, Deep, Drill Sergeant, Executive, East Indian, Educational, Exotic, Explosive, Extreme, Elderly, Father, Folksy, Friendly, Funny, Game Show Host, Genuine, Gravelly, Grandfather, Guy Next Door, Hard Sell, High Energy, Humorous, Holiday, Humorous, Happy, Husky, Imaging, Interviewer, Impressions, Informative, Knowledgeable, Kooky, Lyrical, Mobster, Midlife, Medical, Motivational, Movie Trailer, Mature, Nerd, Narrator, Natural, Newscaster, Ominous, Pompous, Playful, Political, Professional, Preacher, Raspy, Religious, Retail, Retro, Royal, Romantic, Sexy, Sophisticated, Sultry, Smooth, Snob, Soft Spoken, Southern, Sportscaster, Storyteller, Superhero, Strong, Serious, Sincere, Soothing, Sarcastic, Scientific, Technical, Thoughtful, Tough, Uplifting, Upbeat, Warm, and more!


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