Orlando Voice Over Career Training Seminar Voiceover Coaching

Voice Over Business Seminar

with Dan Wachs

Saturday, October 8th,  1pm - 4pm

via Zoom


You're in front of the mic, recording an audition and - BAM - you got the gig!  Now what?

Now you're in the voice over business and you need to operate like a seasoned professional who knows the ropes.  You DON'T want to appear inexperienced.  You DO want to make a great impression to develop and maximize this client and all others.  This seminar gives you the hardcore business info you need to look like you've been doing this for years.  Invaluable not only for voice over, but for life.  Subjects include:

PRICING, NEGOTIATING, PAYMENT TERMS, COLLECTIONS, INSIDE INFO ON HOW TO DEAL WITH VOICE CASTING WEBSITES, AGENTS, SALES & MARKETING, and much more.  And I'll handle any business-related subject you bring to the table. 


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