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From the conversational "non-announcer" voice over to the deep, epic and inspirational voice, we are your voice over talent.  Perfect American male voice over talent for radio and TV commercials, live event announcer, sports promos, automotive voice over, corporate narration and all kinds of on-line voice over projects.  And let's not forget political voice over.  Hire the voice of Disney Pixar, The National Football League, Hyundai, New York Life, NASCAR, University of Notre Dame, and small companies everywhere.  Thanks for visiting our voice over talent site.  And don't forget to see and hear our voice over demo player above.  Here's more: All About Voice Over

More than likely, you're visiting our Website because you're looking for a voice over talent to assist with your project(s).  Feel free to contact us using the link above, or just call us directly.  We're interested in learning all about your project.  The product, service, event or whatever.  Your target demographic, the style of the voice over performance, and of course, your budget.  We deliver many of our voiceover projects in 24-hours or less and if it will take any longer, we will let you know and gain your approval.  If you require a live session, we can connect with you through Source Connect, phone patch, SKYPE, or plain old speakerphone.  We are very happy to take your direction because that way we can assure that by the end of the session you will be totally satisfied.  We can send you raw tracks with no post-production processing, or "juice" up the voice track to make it bigger, bolder, and give it the edge it needs to break through a music bed or sound effects.  Or we can do it all and deliver your file fully-edited and broadcast quality (actually better).  We can deliver .mp3, WAV, AIFF, or other file formats.  Bottom line is we are not satisfied until you are!


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